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Choose from a pre-vetted list of the best talent.
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Our talent is tested against multiple parameters to ensure high technical ability, communication skills, rich work experience and motivation.

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Speed up your hiring process. Scale up or down as per the needs of your project. Flexible engagements - hourly or full time,no strings attached.

Economical and cost effective

Choose the rates which suit you. We have talent to offer at the price point which is convenient to you and the needs of your projects.

Leverage the advantages of remote work methodology

Get a pre-vetted list of candidates to select from all across the world. Ensure continuity in your development projects without worrying about geographical constraints.

Get world class talent which delivers results



Software engineers with expertise across technologies !


Experts with skills in UI/UX, Visual, & Interaction design !
Project Management

Project Management

Digital, Technical Project Managers and scrum masters.
Specific Requirement

Specific Requirements

Special skills, custom requirements, flexible engagements.
Want to accelerate your project?

We specialize in finding and recruiting professional talents in the field of technology, to help French companies leverage the benefits of remote work methodology - in terms of quality, continuity as well as price.


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